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Test File Format

The file should contain at least one test entry. There are two types of test entries: Variants and Inputs. Variants means an user have to choose between two or more possible answers. Input means an user have to type a right answer.
All entry definition lines must start with special character. Any other lines considered as terminators.
Each entry definition consists of Question, Right Answer, Possible Answers and Explanation.
  • > marks a Question for a Variant entry
  • >> marks a Question for an Input entry
  • # marks a Right Answer
  • $ marks a Possible Answer
  • % marks an Explanation

>Severus kept kissing Harry's neck while the latter was ... a letter
%The right answer is writing because I think so

>Though if his grades don't pick up, that ... indeed be all he is fit for
%may -- just because so the source says

NOTE: Input entries are not implemented yet!

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